UPDATE COVID-19, 33. Edition – 04.02.2021 – 10.02.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 33. Edition – 04.02.2021 – 10.02.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 33. Edition – 04.02.2021 – 10.02.2021 540 341 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

  • Since December 15 Germany is in Lockdown
  • The Lockdown is now extended until March 7. Should the 7-day-incidence (cases / 100.000 inhabitants during 7 days) sink below 35 (currently 64,2) possibilities for an earlier open perspective will be discussed within the federal states
  • Vaccinations in Germany started on December 27, first in elderly homes and hospitals.
  • The second vaccine is now allowed in the EU

Short Overview situation in Germany

After the COVID-19 numbers are increasing in the last weeks some new measures and rules have been implemented.

  • travel to risk areas and countries should be avoided
  • cinemas, theatres, opera houses are closed
  • events are not permitted
  • club and group sports are prohibited, gyms are closed (individual sport is allowed)
  • restaurants and bars are closed
  • retails stores are closed except stores for the daily usage
  • there is a ban on accommodation within Germany
  • Schools are closed – virtual schooling

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

  • TUI posts over 800 million loss in first quarter. The first quarter of the new fiscal year still offers little hope for the travel group. From October 1 to December 31, sales slumped by 88 percent, and by almost 100 percent in the once hopeful cruises segment. The bottom line was a loss of 813 million euros. Nevertheless, TUI CEO Friedrich Joussen remains optimistic. (Reise vor9)
  • Challenges and opportunities in summer 2021. Tourism researcher Jürgen Schmude from the University of Munich believes that the summer of travel in 2021 will look more like that in 2020 than in 2019. Domestic destinations, which are in demand anyway, are likely to reach their breaking point this year. This is a great opportunity for so-called 1-b locations, if they market their offers cleverly now. (Reise vor9)
  • Global travel warning was legal: The blanket warning issued by the German Foreign Office in March 2020 against unnecessary tourist travel abroad, with the exception of certain European countries, does not interfere with the rights of tour operators. This has now been decided by the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. There is no interference with the freedom of occupation because the travel warning is not directed against specific travel providers, but is merely intended to enable potential travelers to make their own decisions. (TRVL Counter)
  • TUI manager does not believe in classic tour operator business. Marek Andryszak, CEO of TUI Deutschland, does not believe the traditional tour operator business in Germany has a future because it is not “online-savvy” enough. “If we don’t turn more to online business, we will become even weaker compared to the portals,” he said in the podcast talk “Hin & Weg.” (Reise vor9)
  • DTV presents concept for uniform relaunch. The German Tourism Association (DTV) is going on the offensive with proposals for a uniform nationwide revival of domestic tourism. It proposes a traffic light system in which conditions are to be linked to the current seven-day incidence. Above 35, a series of conditions would be obligatory; at an incidence of more than 50, destinations would have to close their tourist facilities. (DTV)

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry

  • IATA dampens expectations. Due to the mutations of the Corona virus, IATA relativizes its forecast for the year 2021. The targeted 50% of the pre-crisis level might still be too confident. (TIP)
  • Condor considers EU complaint against Lufthansa. In addition to the competition proceedings already filed with the German Federal Cartel Office, the vacation airline is considering further legal steps against the Lufthansa Group. According to “Spiegel,” this could include a complaint to the EU. The starting point would then be the government Corona aid for Lufthansa amounting to nine billion euros. (Reise vor9)

Current relevant studies within the tourism industry

  • How will we travel in the summer of 2021? (Focus)
      • According to surveys, the Germans’ desire to travel is big, but concerns are even bigger.
      • In December, sales of advance bookings for package tours for summer 2021 were still 68% percent below the previous year’s level.
      • The attractiveness of a vacation destination this year will depend on the number of Corona infections as well as the local vaccination rate, in addition to possible quarantine requirements.
      • 40 % plan to travel within Germany
        • Similar to last summer, the south of Germany and the coastal regions are likely to benefit the most.
        • According to the German Holiday Home Association, popular destinations in the Alps and on the North and Baltic Seas are already around 60 percent occupied for the peak travel season of July and August.
      • Wherever it goes, sustainable travel, whether it’s hiking, biking or camping vacations, is trending.
  • “Digital Trends 2021” report by market research institute Econsultancy
    • 44 percent of the experts surveyed from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) report a “meteoric” rise of a new type of customer of which they were previously unaware.
    • Customers are more digital and disloyal
      • What makes the rise of the new type of customer particularly challenging for marketers is the fact that this new type of customer is not only increasingly digital, but also displays completely new buying behavior in the process. They are also much less loyal to brands and their products.