UPDATE COVID-19, 38. Edition – 12.03.2021 – 17.03.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 38. Edition – 12.03.2021 – 17.03.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 38. Edition – 12.03.2021 – 17.03.2021 540 341 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

  • Since December 15 Germany is in Lockdown
  • The Lockdown is now extended until March 31. Should the 7-day-incidence (cases / 100.000 inhabitants during 7 days) sink below 35 (currently 64,2) possibilities for an earlier open perspective will be discussed within the federal states. At this point some restrictions have been lifted.
  • Vaccinations in Germany started on December 27, first in elderly homes and hospitals.
  • The second vaccine is now allowed in the EU.

Short Overview situation in Germany

After the COVID-19 numbers are increasing in the last weeks some new measures and rules have been implemented.

  • travel to risk areas and countries should be avoided
  • cinemas, theatres, opera houses are closed
  • events are not permitted
  • club and group sports are prohibited (allowed for kids under 14 years & outdoors), gyms are open (limited access)
  • restaurants and bars are closed
  • retails stores are open in some parts of Germany others allow “Click & Meet” except stores for the daily usage
  • Schools are in Hybrid system

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

  • Travel agencies struggle with an average loss of 91 per cent (FVW)
  • DRV against changes to advance payments for package tours. The demand by consumer protection groups for the abolition of advance payments for travel is meeting with resistance in the industry. According to the German Travel Association (DRV), the money is not used for the tour operators’ liquidity but to secure flights and hotel contingents at the holiday destination. It does not comment on advance payment for flights. (Reise vor9)
  • Global study sees good chances for rapid recovery. 62 per cent of global travellers plan to travel abroad this year, according to the World Travel Monitor. The focus is on travel within their own continent. (Reise vor9)
  • Tourism Commissioner Bareiß calls for hotels to open at Easter. Bareiß Thomas MdB Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism. Holiday trips to Majorca are possible again, but hotel stays in Germany are not. This is “a very bitter message”, Thomas Bareiß (photo), Tourism Commissioner of the Federal Government, comments on the situation and demands hotel openings at Easter in Germany. The hosts are also putting on the pressure. (Reise vor9)
  • How Switzerland books the Easter holidays (Travel Inside)
    • The most popular holiday destinations for Easter are:
      • Hurghada
      • Punta Cana
      • Mexico
      • Maldives
      • Mallorca
  • Will the taxpayer be left with the costs of repatriation? One year after the largest repatriation of German holidaymakers from all over the world, only one in five has paid for their flight home. Some 21,000 invoices have not yet been sent by the Foreign Office. The flights home of stranded German individual travellers cost the Federal Government 18 million euros. Tour operators had brought their customers home at their own expense. (RND)
  • 50 billion euros less travel costs due to Corona. German companies spent a total of up to 50 billion euros less on business travel in 2020 than in 2019 due to the Corona pandemic, according to estimates by the business travel association VDR. “We estimate that they spent a total of a mid to high single-digit billion amount on business travel last year,” says Chief Executive Hans-Ingo Biehl. That would correspond to a decrease of up to 90 per cent. (Reise vor9)
  • Associations call for opening perspective. With a joint campaign in the social networks, nine industry associations, including DRV, ASR, VIR and BTW, are calling on politicians to finally give tourism a perspective and an opening timetable. With the slogan “Tourism: safe and responsible” and the hashtag #PerspektiveJetzt, the associations want to show that safety and responsibility are top priorities for the industry. Stakeholders from the travel industry are explicitly called upon to participate in the campaign and tell their story. (TRVL Counter)
  • Federal government again calls on people to refrain from holiday travel. Berlin continues to focus on travel as a pandemic driver. After the jump in bookings for Majorca, the German government has again called for a “general refrain from tourist travel”. The Foreign Office expressed similar sentiments. Bodo Plachter, a virologist from Mainz, also considers restraint in travelling important: “If travel activity increases, incidence rates will also rise. That is clear,” he told DPA. It is doubtful that with such omens, easing the restrictions on tourism in Germany will be at the top of the political priority list at the next federal-state conference. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
  • Tour operators and travel agencies lose massive market share (Reise vor9)
    • the structure of the industry is changing in leaps and boundsDirect sales by service providers are increasing massively, while the share of the cake held by tour operators and travel agencies is shrinking.
      • The market share of tour operators and travel agencies has fallen to 39 % in 2020. This means that the industry has lost a fifth of its market share in one year. In absolute figures, the turnover of tour operators and travel agencies shrank by two thirds to 12.5 billion euros.
      • The big winner is direct sales. Airlines, hotels, railways, bus companies and car rental companies had been able to increase their direct sales share from 37 % in 2019 to 48 % just one year later. In euros, this means a decline from 25.7 to 15.4 billion, resulting in a comparatively low minus of around 40 percent.

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry

  • Condor takes off earlier from Zurich (Travel Inside)
    • Flights to the Canary Islands and Mallorca will start on 27 March.
  • Frankfurt Airport expects years of slump. Fraport CEO Stefan Schulte does not expect passenger numbers to return to pre-crisis levels until 2026. That is why Terminal 3, which is currently under construction in the south of the airport, will not go into operation until then. Last year, the airport operator made a loss of 658 million euros and the number of passengers plummeted by three quarters. (Reise vor9)

Current studies related to tourism

  • Germany Tourism: Rising Travel Intentions Give Hope: Study by DZT & IPK
    • At the beginning of 2021, Germany will be in second place in the international destination rankings in terms of global travel intentions.
    • In general, the intention to travel abroad increases in all countries surveyed from 50% in May 2020 to 62% in the latest survey wave in January 2021. The intention to travel abroad is strongest in Europe with 72%, America follows with 53% and Asia with 41%. Globally, the travel intentions of Millennials and Generation X as well as members of higher income and education strata are more pronounced than among the “baby boomers” (group aged 55 and over).
    • Perspectives for Destination Germany:
    • Germany is in second place in the international destination rankings in terms of global travel intentions:
      • 24% of respondents in 18 important source markets for German incoming tourism intend to travel to Germany this year.
      • Spain is in first place for travel intentions, followed by Italy, France and the USA after Germany.
      • Cities are Germany’s number one tourist magnet
      • 50%, nature-oriented trips to the countryside
      • 41 % mountains
      • 34% of respondents want to take beach holidays in Germany
  • Swiss freedom to travel is most important driver for vaccinations, study by ebookers
    • The survey makes it clear that one of the main reasons for vaccination is individual freedom to travel. This is what 59% say