UPDATE COVID-19, 44. Edition – 22.04.2021 – 28.04.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 44. Edition – 22.04.2021 – 28.04.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 44. Edition – 22.04.2021 – 28.04.2021 540 341 fame creative lab

UPDATE COVID-19, April 28

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview situation in Germany

  • Since December 15 Germany is in Lockdown
  • The Lockdown is now extended until end of June. Corona emergency brake takes effect from incidence of 100 in a region with further measures.
  • Vaccinations in Germany started on December 27. There are 5 priority groups, currently group 3 is getting vaccinated. In May the vaccination order should be resolved. 24% of the population has received at least one dose of vaccination.
  • Travelers arriving by plane to Germany need to provide a negative PCR-Test
  • The government has agreed on a general “emergency brake” that comes into effect if the 7-day-incidence rises above 100 per 100.000 inhabitants
  • If the incidence is lower there are opening possibilities based on a testing system
  • SPD representative Olaf Scholz has demanded a valid exit strategy for the summer to be presented in May

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

  • 7 theories for a tourism after Corona. (FVW). Tourism researcher Jürgen Schmuder has set up 7 theories for a tourism after Corona together with several destination managers:
  1. Short-haul destinations and back to nature: the pandemic has led many people back to a healthy and nature-based lifestyle
  2. 4-season tourism with a focus on shoulder seasons and summer, especially in mountain destinations
  3. Workation: combining working and holidays, and working from a place where others holiday
  4. Increased length of stay
  5. Focus on sustainability
  6. Over tourism: conflicts between tourists and locals – tourist flows will be led to alternative regions
  7. Digitalization with a noticeable added value for the guest
  • Discussion about effects of the curfew on departures at night (Reise vor 9). The curfew between 22.00 and 05.00 impacts travelers with a flight departure at night. The government is not willing to accept this as an exception to the rule.
  • FTI presents summer product as of May (FVW). The tour operator expects a return to normal traveling soon and thus adds up the offer for the summer season, with a focus on the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.
  • During a federal vaccination summit, several politicians demand freedom to travel for fully vaccinated citizens (Die Zeit). Several states already lift the obligation to quarantine upon return from a risk region for fully vaccinated citizens

Current consumer surveys

The Bavarian Centre for Travel has conducted a survey about the Germans’ travel behavior  in times of Corona (Link). The results:

  • For 67% of Germans who travel in general, travelling means relaxation and unwinding. For 47% it means freedom and time for friends and family. Half of the participants of the survey considers traveling as something special.
  • 39% of Germans who travel in general plan to travel in 2021. 28% want to travel but are still waiting how the situation develops.
  • 26% want to travel within Germany, 18% within Europe and 5% plan a long-haul trip
  • Half of those who definitely plan to travel this year consider sun, warmth, nice weather and relaxation to be the most important factors for their holiday
  • Germans who would rather not travel due to the pandemic would change their mind if they were vaccinated (47%) or if a large part of the population was vaccinated (45%)
  • 31% of all participants reckon that the travel behavior will change due to the Corona crisis, and that there will be a stronger focus on sustainability