UPDATE COVID-19, 50. Edition – 03-06.2021 – 09.06.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 50. Edition – 03-06.2021 – 09.06.2021

UPDATE COVID-19, 50. Edition – 03-06.2021 – 09.06.2021 540 341 fame creative lab


Please note: The following information has been compiled from the most important German speaking Trade Media.

  • The overall 7-day incidence per 100.000 inhabitants is decreasing constantly, currently at about 20. Depending on the regional 7-day-incidence, restrictions are being loosened all over the country
  • Vaccinations in Germany started on December 27. On June 7th the vaccination order was 46% of the population has received at least one dose of vaccination.
  • Travelers arriving by plane to Germany need to provide a negative PCR-Test
  • Germans who have received 2 doses of vaccine will be treated equal to Germans with a negative test and those that have recovered from Covid-19 – mandatory tests for entering the country, shopping and other services do not apply to them anymore

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry

Current consumer sentiment

  • Survey by booking.com shows high demand of sustainable travel (Reise vor 9, https://www.reisevor9.de/inside/booking-umfrage-sieht-grossen-bedarf-an-nachhaltigen-reisen). One third plans to travel in a more sustainable way in the future. 42% confirm that due to the pandemic they have changed their daily life in a positive way. Recycling (60%) and the reduction of food waste (46%) are the biggest priorities. However, the Germans also plan to change their behaviour while traveling. 82% plan to reduce waste, 72% plan to use more sustainable means of transport such as public transport or bikes. Also, two thirds are looking for authentic experiences in connection with the local culture. 75% consider that a better cultural understanding and the preservation of the cultural heritage are key. 64% plan to avoid popular destinations and sights to limit overtourism. 64% indicate that they plan to stay in a sustainable accommodation.