Estonia’s islands: 2222 untouched paradises unfold their secrets

Estonia’s islands: 2222 untouched paradises unfold their secrets

Estonia’s islands: 2222 untouched paradises unfold their secrets 1920 1279 fame creative lab

Estonia, the Nordic country of 2222 islands, invites explorers to explore the unexplored wonders of its islands. The Estonian tourist board, Visit Estonia, presents the hidden treasures and rich experiences of these enchanting landscapes. 

Estonia’s archipelago is a unique web of moving stories, breathtaking natural landscapes and an amazing diversity of animal and plant species. In total, Estonia is home to 2222 islands, each with its own distinctive history and rich array of discoveries and activities.

Saaremaa, Estonia’s largest island, is famous for its idyllic villages that enchant with traditional architecture and craftsmanship. A trip there reveals impressive medieval stone churches that are testaments to deep-rooted faith and historical development. Another highlight is the Kaali meteorite crater, whose mysterious history and extraordinary appearance captivate visitors. Numerous activities, from hiking through dense forests to exploring scenic bike trails, guarantee a varied experience. And after a day of adventure, a campfire under the clear Nordic starry sky provides the perfect ending. Nestled in this unique experience, the Pilguse Residency awaits guests in a historic mansion dating back to 1558. Surrounded by unspoiled nature, lakes and extensive shorelines, the property sits on an impressive 90-acre estate. The Residency caters to guests who follow an environmentally conscious lifestyle, while offering luxurious yet affordable accommodations. Offerings range from first-class accommodations and restaurants to opportunities for relaxation and exploration of Estonian nature. In addition, the property promotes symbiosis between companies, local businesses and the surrounding nature. It is an oasis of relaxation where guests can enjoy luxurious accommodations, Scandinavian-inspired interiors, a restaurant and bar, as well as saunas and a hot tub – all set amidst the beautiful Estonian countryside.

Hiiumaa, Estonia’s second largest island, offers an idyllic retreat where elegance and rugged nature combine in a breathtaking symphony. Centuries-old lighthouses watch over picturesque coastlines, while pristine forests pulse with a peaceful rhythm, far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Fishing villages, historic churches and mills bear witness to a rich history that stretches across the island. For those seeking luxury in the midst of nature, the Luxury Resort offers the ideal accommodation. Your private mini villa will impress you with spacious glass walls, a sauna and a spacious terrace with Jacuzzi. It’s a place that’s perfect for both newlyweds and discerning connoisseurs. After a day of exploring, this resort offers a perfect oasis of relaxation with world-class spa facilities and breathtaking views. With its endless sandy beaches, wild meadows and the variety of bird species that populate the island in every season, Hiiumaa is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. An unspoiled microcosm that harmoniously combines history, culture and nature in their purest form, Hiiumaa is an inviting and easily accessible destination that promises unforgettable experiences and enriching discoveries. 

The island of Muhu, Estonia’s third largest island, offers a delightful glimpse into the past. With picturesque windmills, traditional farmhouses and the impressive St. Catherine’s Church, it retains its historic charm. The botanical paradise, where numerous rare and protected orchids thrive, is another reason why nature lovers take Muhu to their hearts. An absolute highlight is Pädaste Manor, a luxury hotel and restaurant known for its excellent Estonian cuisine. But Pädaste Manor offers more than just culinary delights. The in-house spa stands for a holistic wellness experience, where all senses are positively stimulated and brought to rest. The Manor places great emphasis on authentic Estonian wellness traditions and products. It uses only plants and herbs that thrive on the pristine island of Muhu and consciously avoids global brands. Fresh oils, creams and skin care products are made every day to use only the best of nature. Of particular note are the starred treatments based on the ancient herbal traditions of Muhu. A stay at the Pädaste Spa thus promises harmony, relaxation and a very personal wellness experience.

Estonia’s islands are diverse, often uninhabited or counting only a handful of inhabitants. But they all have one thing in common: they are true oases of tranquility with breathtaking nature. Kihnu, Ruhnu, Vilsandi or Pranlig, for example, are true paradises for nature lovers. They offer a peaceful silence that invites you to relax from the hectic everyday life and reconnect with nature.

Kihnu is a charming capsule of the traditional Estonian island way of life. Among Estonians, it is said that time has stood still here. This charming island is known for its distinctive traditional costumes, colorful weavings, and vibrant folk songs, which are listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. In addition, you can get a closer look at the life of the islanders by visiting the Kihnu Museum, which houses a rich collection of Kihnu handicrafts, clothing and everyday objects.

Ruhnu, the remote pearl in the Gulf of Riga, is not only home to the oldest wooden church in Northern Europe, but also a protected place for numerous bird species, including the rare white-tailed sea eagle. The local lighthouse offers breathtaking views of the island and surrounding sea, while the extensive sandy beaches invite visitors to relax and watch the roaming seals.

Vilsandi Island, in the national park of the same name, is a true paradise for nature photographers. With over 240 species of birds that have made the park their home and numerous seals resting on the island’s banks, Vilsandi offers countless opportunities to explore wild Estonia.

Prangli, idyllically located in the Gulf of Finland, amazes with its remarkable biodiversity, from meadows full of wildflowers to forests inhabited by the local wild boar population. The local community keeps the island’s traditions alive, including unique tractor tours.

In the soft light of dawn to the intense glow of dusk, these hidden treasures unfold an atmosphere of unclouded, pristine nature. They act as virtually undiscovered havens for adventurers who prefer the untrodden path and seek the unexplored. They form an impressive panorama of history, culture and untouched nature, captured in their most authentic form. Despite their diversity, they convey a seamless accessibility that makes them coveted destinations for explorers.


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