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Isabell Böck

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Isabell Böck – Managing Partner

Isabell has been crazy about travel ever since she was a little girl. No matter whether she’s camping at the North Sea, backpacking in Australia, staying at a luxury hotel in Asia or snowboarding down the Alps, she feels right at home on the road. And thanks to her extensive language skills, she is hardly ever at a loss for words.

In 2000, Isabell decided to make travel her career path of choice. Being a curious person, she tried a range of options—from tours to cruises, from the hotel industry to event management—before happily and passionately settling on destination marketing, which is what she has been doing in recent years.

Most recently, Isabell headed up the destination marketing team at one of the top-five tourism PR and marketing agencies. Her happy clients hail from up north like Estonia to down south like Piedmont in Italy. They span as far west as Peru and east as South Korea.

Following a short stint in FMCG marketing, Isabell returned to tourism in 2013 and founded fame, fulfilling a long-held dream of hers.

Her list of personal favorites includes snowboarding, Tae Bo, Scandinavian fashion, Asian food, electronic music and—as you’ve probably guessed by now—world travel.

You can communicate with Isabell in English, German, Spanish and French.

Karin Luize de Carvalho – Managing Partner

Karin is a creative executive with over 25 years of work experience in branded content strategy and multi-channel communications. She loves to use this experience to apply multi-layered marketing and communications tools to promote her clients, including broadcast, digital and social, experiential, e-commerce and retail.

She began her marketing career in 1997 in marketing and operations at Walt Disney World Co. in Florida, USA. She has since worked in senior management positions for several tourism organisations, including the Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur), as its CEO for the German-speaking markets, Benelux, Nordic countries, and Russia.

In 2008 she joined the team of one of the top 5 agencies for PR and tourism marketing in Germany. In her position as Key Accounts Director, she has worked as a special market strategist for a wide list of renowned partners from the tourism, export/import, beverage and aviation sectors, not only in Germany, but in various markets worldwide. She took care of various clients such as LATAM Airlines (in more than 12 international markets), Santa Catarina, Apex Brasil (projects such as Wines from Brasil and CEBIT), Amazonas, Bahia, Uruguay and other Latin as well as European clients, continuing with projects also for Embratur.

Full of new ideas – for example pushing the topic of international wine in Germany – she decided that she needed a new challenge and therefore founded the agency fame together with her partner and friend Isabell in 2013.

Karin’s personal hobbies include fine wines, good food, good music, dogs, sun and beach, windsurfing, travelling the world, making friends and finding new projects.

Soul of the world, Karin has already travelled to more than 40 countries and speaks 7 languages: you can communicate with her in Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, Italian and Dutch.

Berenice Pardo – Project Management

A citizen of the world and a passionate destination marketeer, these are characteristics that best describe Berenice.

Having lived in 7 different cities during her childhood, she has discovered the enriching experience of meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. Throughout her tourism studies, including a master’s degree in Tourism Marketing, this passion has just proved right. Together with many other professional experiences in Mexico, USA, Spain, and Germany, she has learned to use the positive features of every culture as a promotional tool.

Berenice has promoted destinations within the German-speaking markets and other Eastern European ones for more than 10 years. She has worked on tourism development projects for Rwanda and the Moselle River in Germany, and has organized uncountable press and trade events, as well as press/fam trips

Nurturing relationships with journalists, partners, potential customers, and brand advocates are some of the things she enjoys the most doing, therefore, she counts on a wide network of stakeholders within the Travel Industry.

Her pleasures in life are undoubtedly travel, deep work and enjoying the world’s gastronomy and history.

You can communicate with Berenice in English, Spanish and German.

Laura Bernd – Account Management

Whether it’s an au pair year on the east coast of the USA or studying abroad in beautiful Budapest: Laura loves discovering new places. Travelling is not only a great adventure, relaxation and fun for her, but also a great inspiration.

Laura studied journalism in Mainz and discovered her enthusiasm for PR early on after internships in various media houses and agencies. At fame, she can combine her passion for communication, lifestyle topics and teamwork.

In her free time, she is involved in the carnival club in her hometown and has danced there in the guard since early childhood. She also enjoys cooking, baking what is probably the world’s best banana cake and, of course, travelling whenever she gets the chance. From camping trips in faraway Hawaii to hiking holidays in neighbouring Austria – Laura loves being on the road and interacting with people. She speaks fluent German and English.

Elisabeth Fallmann – Account Management

Lisa’s passions include, above all, reading. Whether fantasy, thrillers or romance novels – even in her early years she devoured everything she could get her hands on.

She quickly discovered her passion for the written word and decided to study journalism in Mainz, Germany. Her previous work experience was also in the hospitality and travel industry.

She is looking forward to bringing her strengths, such as her organisational talent, her social media skills and her team spirit, to the agency.

In her free time, she likes to go to the gym, read Vogue or try out new cocktail creations. But what she loves most is travelling: Whether it’s a diving holiday in Thailand, a city trip to Italy or skiing in Austria – she can never get enough of travelling.

Thanks to her Ukrainian heritage, she speaks German, English and Russian very well.

Camila Guimaraes Dantas – Digital Marketing & Project Management

Camila is a digital marketing consultant with a secret passion for data analysis, and eagle eyes for Design.

She has over 15 years of international experience in Digital Marketing and website development (SEO, Social Media, website management), gained during her time working for global corporations (such as The Economist magazine) as well as small businesses. During these years she has led large projects such as website development for a travel agent program in Latin America, an application launch in Continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with increased online visibility and profit through digital marketing campaigns and search engine optimization techniques.

As a Digital Marketing & Projects Consultant, Camila loves working with large projects, but she is especially proud to encourage startups, small/medium companies, and freelancers to build and optimize their business and increase their revenues.

Another especially praised detail of Camila’s work is her very serious approach to meeting deadlines and following all established project schedules. She is a highly organized professional and a great and irreplaceable complement to the good development of our team.

In her spare time, Camila loves to learn more about one of her greatest passions – coffee – and learn new languages.

By the way, you can speak with Camila fluently in German, English and Portuguese.