Michelin Guide celebrates Estonian culinary arts: Excellent restaurants revealed

Michelin Guide celebrates Estonian culinary arts: Excellent restaurants revealed

Michelin Guide celebrates Estonian culinary arts: Excellent restaurants revealed 2000 1125 fame creative lab

For the second year in a row, the Michelin Guide turns its attention to the Nordic jewel that is Estonia. The country’s top restaurants are setting new standards with their outstanding quality, commitment to sustainability, and unparalleled creativity. 

The latest edition of the Michelin Guide has once again put the spotlight on Estonia’s culinary scene. In its second round of recognition of Estonian restaurants, the guide, renowned for its rigorous ratings and ability to set culinary trends, once again sets the tone. Estonian cuisine, shaped by a deep-rooted tradition and the country’s abundance of clean natural resources, has gained international recognition in recent years. Despite diverse cultural influences, it has retained its unique flavor and attracts gourmets with its appeal and originality. Fresh and local food is highly valued, which is reflected in the quality and variety of dishes served in restaurants throughout the country.

Two MICHELIN stars shine for the first time in Estonia

The renowned restaurant 180° by Matthias Diether in Tallinn has become the first in Estonia to receive two MICHELIN stars. The MICHELIN guide’s inspectors praised the complexity of the cuisine and the excellent interplay between the various elements. NOA Chef’s Hall retains its one-MICHELIN star status.


Sustainability in focus: New MICHELIN Green Star

Restaurant Soo in Maidla, led by chef Daanius Aas, receives the MICHELIN Green Star for its commitment to sustainability. This brings the total number of Green Star restaurants in Estonia to two.


New Bib Gourmand for Tallinn

Tuljak Restaurant in Tallinn receives the Bib Gourmand, which recognizes restaurants for very good food at a moderate price. This brings the total number of Bib Gourmand restaurants in Estonia to six.


MICHELIN Young Chef Award presented for the first time in Estonia

The 2023 MICHELIN Young Chef Award goes to chef Daanius Aas of Soo restaurant. Aas impressed the MICHELIN Guide’s inspectors with his strong sustainability ethos and commitment to local products.


New restaurants in the guide

In addition to Soo, four other restaurants were added to the guide: Rado in Haapsalu, Art Priori in Tallinn, Alexander on Muhu Island and Barbarea in Tallinn.

The restaurant selection of the Estonia 2023 MICHELIN Guide includes a total of 34 recommended restaurants, including one new restaurant with two MICHELIN stars, one one-MICHELIN star restaurant, six MICHELIN Bib Gourmand restaurants, one of which is new, and two MICHELIN Green Star restaurants, one of which is also new. 

“The MICHELIN is a strong message with a positive impact also on the image of Estonia as a destination. While gastronomy is still not the main criterion for choosing Estonia as a destination – it is always the food that is most praised by our guests. With each year more that MICHELIN awards restaurants in Estonia, this situation is changing. MICHELIN presents Estonia as a culinary destination to our visitors,” says Rainer Aavik, head of the Estonian Tourist Board.

These awards highlight not only the diversity and quality of the Estonian gastronomic scene, but also the growing global presence of Estonian culinary arts. These restaurants represent the best that Estonian cuisine has to offer, and it is eagerly anticipated to follow and support their future successes.

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