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The many times awarded Staffelter Hof is one of the oldest wineries in the world and the oldest still operating company in Germany. In 862, King Lothar II donated his estate to the Stavelot Monastery, the nucleus of the small town of the same name in present-day Belgium. After almost 1000 years of ownership of the abbey, the last courtier of the monastery estate, our ancestor Peter Schneiders, acquired the estate from the French state in 1805.

Since then, the Klein family has been running the estate, their greatest passion of course being the Riesling grape. Almost 80% of the 9.5 hectares of vineyard area is planted with Riesling, which thrives in the best slate steep slopes of the Moselle valley. Through the ecological cultivation of the vineyards and careful, careful vinification, clear-fruity and racy wines are created to make you fall in love with. The wines are produced within the following lines: “Schoppenweine”, “Motivwein” (light and fruity), “Wappenwein” (from old vines from steep slopes) and “Signaturwein” (Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese). In years with suitable weather conditions, ice wines are also presented. Lagenrieslings are premium wines, as well as “Alte Reben” (Riesling from vines with true roots in single stake training) and the red wine cuvée “Drei Farben Rot”. We also produce bottle-fermented sparkling wines (also non-alcoholic), noble brandies (yeast, marc, fruit), and grape juices.

For wine lovers who would like to get to know the winery even better, the Staffelter Hof offers comfortable, lovingly furnished guest rooms and holiday apartments.

The winery is a member of the international Slow Food association and the wine growers’ association Der klitzekleiner Ring. You can find further information at

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