The heart of northern Peru shines again: Kuélap Fortress reopens for the world after restoration

The heart of northern Peru shines again: Kuélap Fortress reopens for the world after restoration

The heart of northern Peru shines again: Kuélap Fortress reopens for the world after restoration 2560 1438 fame creative lab

After extensive restoration work, the impressive Kuélap Fortress, often referred to as the ‘Machupicchu of the North’, is once again opening its doors to visitors. This architectural masterpiece of the Chachapoyas culture in the Amazon region of Peru is once again ready to reveal its secrets and breathtaking views.

The centerpiece of northern Peru, the Kuélap Fortress, sits majestically in the heart of the Amazon region, illustrating the breathtaking beauty and historical significance of this part of the country. After intensive restoration work that lasted more than a year, this archaeological masterpiece of the ancient mist warriors is now reopening its doors to the world.

Visitors can look forward to a free tour, where they can admire the majestic walls flanking the entrance in their full glory, as well as the impressive stone figures. Inside the fortress, the circular structures of the Chachapoyas culture and the friezes that adorn their bases offer fascinating insights into the history of this place.

Tourist at the Kuelap Fortress

Chachapoyas – The Heritage of the North
Often referred to as the “Machupicchu of the North,” Kuélap sits above the Utcubamba Valley. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, this fortress testifies to the sophistication of the Chachapoyas culture. Some 500 houses, a main temple and numerous sacrificial offerings highlight the site’s rich heritage.

The road to Kuélap
The visit to Kuélap begins in Chachapoyas in the Amazon. A short ride brings visitors to Nuevo Tingo, where the cable car is waiting to transport them to the fortress. In just 20 minutes, visitors glide by cable car over an impressive distance of four kilometers and enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of the entire region from the Tingo Nuevo starting point. For the more adventurous, a 9-kilometer trekking trail is available. The way back offers the possibility to visit Chachapoyas, one of the oldest cities in Peru, and the impressive Gocta waterfalls.

International recognition for Kuélap
The reopened fortress has already received international recognition. In 2017, Kuélap was named “Best Foreign Attraction” by readers of National Geographic Traveller in the United Kingdom, surpassing other prominent candidates. Thanks to new air connections and the newly introduced cable car, Kuélap has continued to grow in popularity. With a mention by The Wall Street Journal as the “coolest destination” for 2018 and BBC documentaries about the region, Kuélap has reached a global audience.

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