Market Update – April 13, 2023

Market Update – April 13, 2023

Market Update – April 13, 2023 6912 3456 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information has been compiled from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.


Current major topics within the tourism industry in the DACH region       

  • Study on customer expectations and needs: Travelport, a global technology company, recently conducted a study on customer expectations and needs in the travel industry. The study, titled „What Consumers Expect,“ found that transparency is critical to consumers and that they want a more modern and transparent travel industry. The study offers valuable insights, ideas and opportunities for the travel industry to drive more sales and customer loyalty. Lack of trust in travel suppliers stems from a lack of simple and intuitive processes, straightforward support and transparency. Consumers spend more time searching online for travel deals and reading reviews than buying. Time and transparency are more important to them than price. Most consumers want comprehensive transparency, suggesting that modern retailers should provide comprehensive product information to save consumers time and make them feel confident about their purchase decision. Face-to-face interaction is still in demand, with most respondents preferring to talk to a human via chat or phone when something goes wrong. Interestingly, the study found that younger consumers want more human assistance than their older counterparts. In addition, consumers value easy returns and exchanges, filtered options and personalized offers, suggesting that personal assistance is valued throughout the buying process, from research to the post-purchase experience. The study also found that climate change and sustainability are important to consumers, especially avid travelers. Nearly half of them are willing to pay more and travel longer distances with stopovers to reduce CO2 emissions. The study was conducted with 2,000 consumers in Australia, Colombia and the United Kingdom and provides valuable insights into how travel companies can improve customer satisfaction and revenue. Read more


  • This is how the market for youth travel and vacation camps ticks: The summer vacations are approaching and many parents are still looking for suitable vacation offers for their children. The youth travel market has experienced a real boom in recent years and the „Youth Travel Report 2023“ from Juvigo, the vacation camp broker, shows the current trends in the industry. Based on its own clientele, the most important findings were summarized. Germany remains the most popular destination and the main source market for youth travel. However, France is also enjoying increasing popularity. Most travelers are female and on average 12.5 years old. The average stay at a summer camp lasts seven nights and most guests spend between 300 and 500 euros. Some are willing to invest more than 1,000 euros in their youth vacation. Booking peaks in March and April, but summer business accounts for the lion’s share of sales. Youth vacations are very popular and offer a great opportunity for young people to gain new experiences and make friends. Read more


  • Business travel grows less than overall economy: The business travel industry has changed dramatically in recent years, according to Suzanne Neufang, chief executive of GBTA, the international business travel association. The Corona pandemic has transformed the world of work and increased the importance of sustainability and travel risk management. Nevertheless, international business travel spending has recovered from the effects of the pandemic and is on the rise again. Europe in particular, which lost the most, is currently the fastest growing market. Germany, the UK, France and Italy account for half of all business travel spending. Austria is the tenth largest market in Europe, accounting for 3.3 percent. In 2023, business travel spending in Europe is expected to increase by 25.3 percent compared to 2022. The importance of face-to-face meetings has emerged as a result of the pandemic years. Face-to-face meetings, events and conferences are back, and companies are benefiting from inclusive and personal collaboration with their customers. The general mood in the industry is optimistic. Read more


  • DER Touristik wants to grow in the hotel segment: Georg Schmickler, CEO of DER Touristik Group Hotel Division, has gathered a new management team around him to keep the company on course for expansion in the hotel segment. The team consists of five managers, including Max-Peter Droll as CFO and Eva Schlosser as Senior Vice President Revenue Management. Christian Grage, Managing Director of DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts GmbH, and Markus R. Kempen, Managing Director of Aldiana, are also part of the team. The aim is to further expand the share of properties in the management, leasehold and ownership model and to launch a new lifestyle hotel brand in the summer. Read more

Current topics within the transportation industry in Germany & Europe   


  • Full planes at Easter for Austrian Airlines: Austrian Airlines launches its 2023 summer flight schedule with the Easter weekend, offering numerous destinations for sun worshippers and city lovers. Hurghada and the Canary Islands are among the best-booked destinations, followed by Marrakesh and Málaga. European city classics such as Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen are also popular destinations for the Easter weekend. Around 250,000 passengers are expected over the Holy Weekend alone, for which Austrian Airlines has increased staff at all counters and gates. Families with small children can use a dedicated children’s area at the check-in counter in Terminal 3. To celebrate Easter, Austrian Airlines is offering its guests culinary surprises on board, such as an Easter snack exclusively prepared by the Flying Chefs for business class travelers. The summer flight schedule includes 124 destinations and will be expanded in the coming months to include Tromsø and Tivat, while long-haul flights will once again go directly to Tokyo and Los Angeles from May. Read more


  • Reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has issued an update on the airline industry’s journey to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, emphasizing the importance of carbon removal for the aviation sector to achieve its goals. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) remain a priority, and IATA’s Net Zero strategy calls for emissions to be taken out through out-of-sector options such as carbon capture, storage, and credible offsetting schemes. Many airlines, including JetBlue, United, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian Airlines in the US, are making progress towards reducing carbon emissions by investing in SAF. European airlines like Air Greenland, Icelandair, and Finnair are also investing in SAF, and DLR in Germany is setting up a large power-to-liquid research facility for e-fuels. Airbus flew an A321neo aircraft with both engines powered by 100% unblended SAF in France. Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority is launching a $50 million Aviation Sustainability Program to fund measures that reduce aviation’s carbon emissions, build sustainable operational capabilities, or unite industry partners to help create a sustainable aviation ecosystem. Read more


  • Lufthansa increases rebooking fees: The Lufthansa Group will increase rebooking fees for select fares on European routes and some long-haul routes starting April 18, 2023. This affects tickets for Air Dolomiti, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings Discover, Lufthansa and Swiss, with flights within Germany and Europe as well as flights to and from Japan affected. The increase in charges varies by fare and destination and can be up to 150 euros. Only Sustainable Corporate Value Fares „Corporate Classic“ have a reduced fee. The changes will affect all ticket issuances from April 18, 2023. Read more


  • Analysis of the rental car market in March 2023: Car rental provider Sunny Cars today reported a significant increase in bookings in March 2023, recording a total of over 90,000 bookings for the first time in a third month of the year. Spain, Portugal and Greece are among the most popular destinations. Although the majority of bookings are for the March to May 2023 period, bookings for the summer are now also increasing. Booking numbers are even above pre-crisis levels. The cost of rental cars is down slightly year-on-year, but remains at a high level. Nevertheless, the share of medium-term rentals is rising. Spain, Portugal and Greece accounted for most bookings in March 2022. With this booking trend, tourism should continue to pick up in the coming months and this is a good sign for the recovery process of the travel industry. Read more


  • High costs squeeze profits at American Airlines: Increased travel demand in recent months has failed to boost American Airlines‘ profits, despite inflation and recession worries. On the contrary, the company’s persistently high costs led to a weak performance in the first quarter. Passengers increasingly opted for cheaper fares, which further weighed on profits. Weekly bookings have also declined recently, which is an important signal for investors heading into the busy spring and summer months. Adjusted earnings per share were between one and five cents, well below analysts‘ expectations. American Airlines plans to report final numbers on April 27. Despite all of this, the airline remains optimistic and hopeful for an industry recovery later this year. Read more


Destination news 


  • Albania: Albania was once an isolated country with a communist regime, but now it’s a popular tourist destination. Its stunning mountains, lakes, and beaches have been a well-kept secret for many years, but recently there has been a surge in demand for Albanian holidays. In 2022, Albania saw 7.5 million visitors compared to 6.4 million in 2019. Albania is investing heavily in infrastructure and aims for tourism to contribute to at least 30% of its GDP. The government is prioritizing sustainability and preserving Albania’s unique culture and traditions, including protecting the Vjosa, Europe’s last wild river. 
  • Bali: The number of beach vendors on Kuta Beach in Bali is to be reduced as the beach is already overcrowded and is shrinking due to erosion. Authorities have issued new rules to be implemented by the end of May, and all traders must have official numbers to continue operating. Village chief Wayan Wasista plans to reduce the number of traders to a maximum of 800 and announces sanctions for violations. He stresses the importance of a good image of the beach for tourism.
  • Ecuador: Under this strategy, Ecuador will position itself as a sustainable tourism destination focused on its diverse offerings in nature and adventure, gastronomy and culture, and rural tourism. According to a recent report, inbound tourism to Ecuador in 2022 has recovered significantly with over one million international visitors following the pandemic. With the start of the summer schedule, Ecuador has also restored 84 percent of its international connections with Europe, compared to March 2020, and currently has 288 weekly flights on 25 routes with 16 international destinations, including flights from Madrid and Amsterdam to Guayaquil and with Avianca, KLM, Iberia and Latam Airlines to Quito. To raise awareness of the country as a sustainable destination and increase visitors from the EU, Ecuador will work with key travel agency associations and federations in Germany and Europe. In addition, Ecuador will present its tourism offerings at several trade shows and events in the coming months. „We want to position ourselves as a sustainable destination while attracting more conscious European travelers who want to travel more mindfully and immerse themselves in our unique culture, heritage and outdoor activities,“ said Neils Olsen, Ecuador’s Minister of Tourism.
  • India: Several states in India are imposing Covid restrictions again due to a rapid increase in daily cases. The Health Minister has requested states to stay alert and review the preparedness of health facilities. A nationwide mock drill is planned to assess emergency preparedness of both public and private hospitals. The Haryana government has made wearing face masks mandatory in public places, and masks have been made mandatory in schools too. Kerala has also made masks mandatory for pregnant women, the elderly, and those with lifestyle diseases. The Puducherry administration has made mask-wearing compulsory in public places with immediate effect, and Uttar Pradesh has issued a high-priority directive to screen international passengers at all airports. In Delhi, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been instructed to scale up testing.
  • Italy: Italy’s tourism minister, Daniela Santaché, has expressed concerns about the lack of regulation in the holiday rental market, describing it as the „Wild West“ and stating that existing rules are not being respected. The government is now looking into measures to address this issue, including a comprehensive survey of all short-term rental properties in the country. However, small villages with no other accommodation options will be exempt from any new regulations. In Venice, the mayor is also taking steps to limit holiday rentals to no more than 120 days per year in an effort to promote long-term rentals and preserve the city’s cultural and ecological heritage.
  • Jordan: Jordan is becoming increasingly popular with German travelers, and this is reflected in rising booking numbers. Visitor numbers from Germany rose from 19,000 in 2021 to nearly 63,000 last year, and there was a 316 percent increase in the first two months of this year. Increasing demand has also led tour operators such as Gebeco, Erlebe and SKR Reisen to expand their Jordan offerings. Tourism Minister Makram Mustafa Queisi has launched an incentive program for charter flights to further increase demand. Travel companies receive a subsidy of $40 to $80 per passenger, depending on the period.
  • South Korea: German tourists no longer need to apply for an electronic travel authorization to travel to South Korea. The K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) was previously required and cost around seven euros. The K-ETA requirement was suspended for 22 countries, including Germany, until the end of 2024 to attract more tourists as part of Visit Korea Year 2023-2024. EU citizens and Schengen Area countries can enter South Korea visa-free for stays of less than 90 days.
  • USA: Tampa Bay in Florida has recently been named on two prestigious travel lists, TIME Magazine’s 2023 World’s Greatest Places and Money’s Best Places to Travel. Despite having fewer than 400,000 inhabitants, the city offers all the amenities of a major metropolis, as well as a funky arts and culture scene, laid-back beach life, and great restaurants and craft beer. Tampa Bay was also named „Best Place to Live in Florida“ by Forbes and boasts attractions like the Tampa Riverwalk, Busch Gardens, the zoo, and the Florida Aquarium, making it a must-visit destination.


What else is brewing ?


Are you ready for some travel inspiration that’s as trendy as it is exciting? Then buckle up and get ready for a ride!

First up, we’ve got some exciting news from the heart of Texas. The famous El Cosmico campground in Marfa is getting a facelift with a 3D-printed hotel as its centerpiece. That’s right, you heard us, a hotel made entirely from 3D printers! With guest houses, an infinity pool, a spa, restaurants, communal rooms, and even an art studio, this hotel is going to be the talk of the town. And the best part? The design will blend perfectly with the desert landscape, making for some seriously Instagram-worthy photos. Construction starts next year, but you can already reserve your Sunday Home apartment this summer.

Feeling like treating yourself on your next flight? Look no further than Condor’s new auction system. With the SeatBoost app and a credit card, you can now bid on better seats in Business or Premium Economy class for selected long-haul flights. And it’s not just for those with deep pockets – the system aims to fill vacant seats, making the flying experience more enjoyable for everyone. You can even follow the auction live in the app, with the winner being charged and issued with a new boarding pass. Short- and medium-haul flights will be added throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re a solo female traveler wondering where to go next, Google’s got your back. According to Accor’s analysis of global Google search volume, Iceland is the top destination for 2023. With its peaceful atmosphere and stunning natural landscapes, it’s perfect for hiking, climbing, and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But that’s not all – Italy and Japan also make the top three destinations for women traveling alone. With an average of 1.90 million monthly searches, Italy is a must-see destination for art, culture, and food lovers. And Japan’s easy-to-navigate public transport system makes it a popular choice for solo travelers.

Looking to add some new destinations to your travel bucket list? Time magazine’s got you covered with their list of the greatest places in the world for 2023. From the sunny beaches of Tampa to the rugged mountains of Yosemite National Park, there’s something for every kind of traveler. And it’s not just the US that made the cut – European cities like Vienna, Dijon, and Barcelona are also on the list, as well as the stunning Italian island of Pantelleria and Canadian gems Vancouver and Churchill.

So there you have it, folks – some seriously trendy travel news that’s got us itching to pack our bags and hit the road. Where will your next adventure take you?


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