Market Update – February 17, 2022

Market Update – February 17, 2022

Market Update – February 17, 2022 820 312 fame creative lab

Please note: The following information has been compiled from the most important German speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview Situation in Germany

  • As in most parts of the world, the number of new infections is going down. The occupancy situation in hospitals is relaxed. About 75% of the German population are now fully vaccinated.
  • During a conference on Feb 16 an opening plan in 3 steps has been released. By March 20, most restrictions will be waived. Only basic measures such as wearing masks, maintaining social distancing etc will remain in place
  • As of March 20, there will also be changes to the classification of high risk regions, mainly to make international travel easier also for families with small, unvaccinated children

Current major topics within the tourism industry in Germany                              

  • The return of the German wanderlust: Germans want to travel again: That is probably the most important statement of the 38th tourism analysis by the Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen. According to the analysis, 49 percent of Germans took a trip lasting at least five days in 2021. In 2020, it was only 37 percent. Compared to the peak year 2018 with 65 percent there is still a big gap. However, more than one in two Germans (57 percent) is sure to go on vacation this year. 52% of those who have not yet decided to take a trip in 2022 state the pandemic as their main reason, 25% cite financial issues.
    Germany remains a popular destination among travelers: 50.4 percent chose a vacation destination in their home country in 2021. In 2020, the figure was 55.5 percent, but the 2019 figure (34.4 percent) indicates the usual level. European destinations are celebrating a slow comeback. Number one destination is Spain, followed by Italy, Greece. Scandinavia and Turkey. Austria, on the other hand, has suffered quite a bit in terms of popularity. Long-haul destinations are also on the rise. The top position is held by the Caribbean, followed by Asia/Far East. Read the Article
  • Holidaycheck notices comeback of early bookers: While last-minute bookings were on the rise in 2020 and 2021, early bookings are now increasing again. With a considerable increase of bookings for spring and summer, December and January are yet again the most popular months for travel bookings. Apparently, the last-minute trend has not been a long-lasting one.   Read the Article
  • sees bookings as before Corona: After a big loss in 2020, is again making a profit. Bookings from Germany play a big role of about 25%. Read the Article

Current major topics within the aviation industry in Germany                              

  • Fraport grows immensely at many sites: The passenger numbers at Fraport are on the rise again. 2,2 million passengers have been checked in at the airport in January – an increase of 150,4% towards the previous year. Read the Article
  • Passengers not willing to pay for climate protection: From the supplier’s point of view, sustainability is one of the most important issues in tourism. Customers see things quite differently: according to a new study, they refuse to pay so-called CO2 offsets. While most travelers indicate the importance of sustainability, there was a payment of the CO2 offset for only 4,5% of the bookings. Read the Article

Destination news                                                                                            

  • Asia: Business is slowly picking up again: Most Asia tour operators are looking forward to the current travel year with hope. According to TUI, they expect a significant recovery and high pent-up demand in the summer. Other tour operators are still cautious: the quarantine requirement of several days on arrival is an absolute no-go for many guests. Read the Article
  • Vietnam to end COVID curbs on international flights from Feb 15: According to the Vietnam Civil Aviation Authority, all restrictions on passenger flights to the Southeast Asian country are to be lifted as of tomorrow (Tuesday, February 15, 2022). This will allow people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus to travel from abroad to Vietnam again. In addition to the vaccination protection, only a three-day quarantine at home or in a hotel is mandatory. Read the Article
  • Canada untightens entry restrictions: As of Feb 28, a rapid test is also accepted for entry, besides a PCR test. Also, vaccinated travelers do no longer have to quarantine while waiting for their test results. Read the Article
  • Many European countries are untightening or even waiving all Covid measures. Among them most Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, but also Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.