UPDATE COVID-19, 20. Edition – 25.09.-07.10.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 20. Edition – 25.09.-07.10.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 20. Edition – 25.09.-07.10.2020 540 341 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

The COVID-19 quarantine measures are being further untightened in all German states. All federal states are responsible for their own implementation. They have also released the strict regulations towards (however always observing the sanitary and distancing recommendations):

  • After the COVID-19 numbers are increasing in the last weeks some new measures and rules have been implemented
  • All federal states are forced to implement their own measures and rules in compliance with the overall limit of 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants on 7 days
  • increasing use of rapid tests
  • travel to risk areas and countries should be avoided

·       Opening of cinemas, theatres, opera houses

·       Permission of events (depending on state for up to 500 people) with social distancing rules

·       Permission of contact sports inside as well as outside

·       Opening of indoor playgrounds, houses in zoological gardens, escape rooms

·       Schools have opened with regular classes after the summer holidays however some states already introduced the compulsory use of masks

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

  • Travel returnees hardly influence the occurrence of infections. While more than a third of new infections in Germany during vacation periods were attributable to people returning to their home country, the figure was only 15 percent in the week from September 21 to 27. Of 6,120 positively tested cases, 954 were attributable to an infection abroad. In the previous week there were 1,540 of 7,479 cases (Airliners)
  • Numerous travel warnings lifted: As announced, the German Foreign Office has replaced the blanket travel warning for 160 countries outside Europe with country-specific warnings. For more than 40 countries, the travel warning has thus actually been lifted. These include Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Botswana, China, Fiji, Grenada, Hong Kong, Japan, Jordan, Canada, Cuba, Mauritius, Myanmar, Malaysia, New Zealand, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Vietnam. This does not mean that the Foreign Office no longer has any reservations at all. It is now “advised against” unnecessary tourist travel to these countries. Important destinations such as Egypt, the Dominican Republic and Bali have not yet been able to benefit. A travel warning still applies to them. (TRVL Counter)
  • Bentour takes quarantine regulation to court: Bentour wants to take legal action against the planned regulation of the federal government, according to which travel returnees must in principle be quarantined for five days in future. (TRVL Counter)
  • FTI concentrates on five goals in winter. In the center of the tour operator are located with the Kanaren, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai and Oman Destinationen, in which the enterprise or majority partner Samih Sawiris with own hotels is present. Kulante cancellation rules and favorable prices are to stimulate reservations, announces managing director Ralph Schiller. (Reise vor9)
  • Corona Cabinet decides on compulsory quarantine: As expected, the Corona Cabinet yesterday approved changes to the quarantine obligation for returnees from risk areas. From 15 October onwards, they will be quarantined for five days before they can undergo a Covid 19 test. If the test is negative, they can end the quarantine. The DRV launched a social media campaign against the plan last week. The association fears that the forced quarantine will lead the industry “directly into a second lockdown”. (TRVL Counter)
  • Companies restrict domestic business trips. According to the business travel association VDR, only 18 percent of companies now declare that domestic business trips are permitted without restriction. Three weeks ago, this figure was only 29 percent. 77 per cent of the companies permit also inner-German journeys only depending upon the potential Corona infection risk locally. (FVW)

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry 

  • Lufthansa is expanding long-haul tourism: Next summer Lufthansa will be offering six new long-haul tourist routes from Frankfurt. From 29 March onwards, it will be flying three times a week to Punta Cana. From 31 March Mombasa will follow with two weekly services. From there, passengers can fly on to Zanzibar. On June 3, Lufthansa will launch three weekly services to Anchorage in Alaska. In addition, the winter routes to Mauritius and the Maldives will continue with two weekly flights in summer 2021. (TRVL Counter)
  • Emirates returns to Düsseldorf and Hamburg: Emirates will resume service from Düsseldorf and Hamburg on November 1. Both cities will be served twice weekly, on Fridays and Sundays. With the resumption of services from Frankfurt and Munich, all four departure airports in Germany are back in the route network. (TRVL Counter)
  • Third terminal in Frankfurt will not be completed before 2025. The new Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport is not expected to go into operation until 2025, two years later than last planned. The new terminal will be able to handle up to 25 million passengers a year. Airport operator Fraport says it is investing four billion euros in the project. (Reise vor9)

Current relevant studys

  • Only every fifth German wants to travel in winter, study by Yougov/dpa (Reise vor9):
    • According to the survey, 66 percent have already decided to stay at home for the entire autumn and winter. Last fall and winter, 41 percent of those surveyed had still been on holiday – 23 percent abroad and 18 percent within Germany. 55 percent decided not to go on vacation.