UPDATE COVID-19, 26. Edition – 02.12.2020 – 09.12.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 26. Edition – 02.12.2020 – 09.12.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 26. Edition – 02.12.2020 – 09.12.2020 540 341 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

  • Since November 2nd Germany is in “Lockdown Light”
  • “lockwodn light” is supposed to last until December 23. During Christmas some measures will be lifted.
  • The lockdown light is extented until January 10th

Short Overview situation in Germany

After the COVID-19 numbers are increasing in the last weeks some new measures and rules have been implemented.

  • travel to risk areas and countries should be avoided
  • cinemas, theatres, opera houses are closed
  • events are not permitted
  • club and group sports are prohibited, gyms are closed (individual sport is allowed)
  • restaurants and bars are closed
  • all kind of retails stores are open
  • there is a ban on accommodation within Germany
  • Schools have opened with regular classes after the summer holidays however some states already introduced the compulsory use of masks

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry

  • Altmaier promises help for the travel industry. “We will not let you down” – this was the statement made by the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Peter Altmaier  to the tourism industry at the DRV annual conference. The bridging assistance agreed upon until the middle of the year was a “tour de force”, the Minister said. (Reise vor9)
  • DRV head demands consistent test strategy. Testing is not only better for the travel industry, but also creates more security than quarantine regulations for returnees from corona risk areas, believes Norbert Fiebig. Passengers should undergo a rapid antigen test before every flight and, if necessary, after arriving at the hotel, the DRV president suggests. (Reise vor9)
  • LCC travel agencies also start selling PCR tests. Like the agencies of DER Touristik, 19 travel agencies of Lufthansa City Center are now starting a pilot project in corona tests. The test sold by LCC costs 99 euros and works by smear, the franchise chain reports. Travelers would have to do it themselves and send in the sample. (Reise vor9)
  • Travel distribution closes tourism year with massive loss. According to figures from Travel Data + Analytics (TDA), the 2019/20 tourism financial year ended with a 67 percent year-on-year decline in sales for travel sales. In October, the last month of the tourism financial year, the decline was 78 percent. (Reise vor9)
  • G20 countries want to jointly revive tourism. An international conference on the Canary Island of La Palma focused on the unification of travel regulations. It was decided to adopt intergovernmental protocols to facilitate the recognition of Covid-19 tests when travelling to another country. In addition, international travel corridors were established. The EU states had agreed on a similar procedure for some time, but it has not yet been put into practice. (Reise vor9)
  • Catalogs are still important for travel agencies. In a Counter-vor9 survey in which around 350 sales professionals took part, 70 percent said that catalogs were important or very important for their consulting and sales activities. However, a good half of the offices understand if organizers temporarily stop catalog production because of the Corona pandemic. (Reise vor9)
  • Travel agency sales in November down again. As expected, the November evaluation also paints a catastrophic picture in the Tats-Reisebürospiegel: total sales were 92 percent lower than in the same month last year, while revenues from cruise sales fell by 83 percent. Ticket sales were also badly shaken up with a minus of 94 percent. (Reise vor9)
  • TUI reaches agreement with government and investors on further state aid. The new rescue package for the travel group has a volume of 1.8 billion euros. It includes EUR 700 million in silent participations from the state economic stabilization fund, of which EUR 420 million can be exchanged for shares. If the German government were to exercise this option, it would have a blocking minority in TUI of 25 percent plus one share. (Reise vor9)

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry

  • Lufthansa to cut more jobs in Germany next year (Reise vor9)
  • Ryanair starts wave of lawsuits against state funds for airlines (Reise vor9)
  • Lufthansa reports strong booking growth over the coming holidays (aerotelegraph)
  • LH terminates agreement with Condor on feeder services (Reise vor9)
  • Boom in Lufthansa bookings over Christmas. South Africa and Namibia, destinations on the Canary Islands and Madeira in the Atlantic, but also snow-assured areas in Northern Finland are particularly in demand. (Reise vor9)

Current relevant studys

  • ITB Berlin Study: High travel satisfaction in summer despite Corona (https://abouttravel.ch/reisebranche/itb-berlin-studie-hohe-reisezufriedenheit-im-sommer-trotz-corona/):
      • Germans travel abroad with above-average frequency
        • 33% of the Germans surveyed took a trip abroad in the summer months of June to August despite Corona. – Above European average of 22% and the global average of 19%.
        • 60% traveled to a neighboring country
      • High satisfaction with international travel
        • 66% of Germans said it was “better than expected”.
        • 27% found their trip “as expected”
        • only 7% were less satisfied with their trip under Corona conditions.
        • Positive travel experiences despite Corona were not only made by the Germans, but by the European foreign travelers as a whole.
        • Travel satisfaction among Asian and American travelers was somewhat lower.
      • Traveling cheaper in the pandemic is not an option
      • Increase in travel intentions for the next twelve months
      • Trend towards destinations within Europe continues
        • Spain is at the top of the German popularity scale – closely followed by Italy and Austria. This means that destinations within Europe have been able to either maintain or even expand their potential. The latter is particularly true for Italy.
      • In contrast, interest in destinations outside Europe is still well below the usual average and has hardly improved at all in recent months.
      • Attitude towards air travel slightly improved
  • Travel Trends for 2021, study by Yougov
    • 40 percent of Germans intend to take a national vacation
    • 31 percent intend to travel internationally
    • 34 percent do not intend to travel at all