UPDATE COVID-19, 4. Edition – 14.07. – 22.07.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 4. Edition – 14.07. – 22.07.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 4. Edition – 14.07. – 22.07.2020 150 150 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

The COVID-19 quarantine measures are being further untightened in all German states. All federal states are responsible for their own implementation. They have also released the strict regulations towards (however always observing the sanitary and distancing recommendations):

·       Opening of cinemas, theatres, opera houses

·       Permission of events (depending on state for up to 500 people) with social distancing rules

·       Permission of contact sports inside as well as outside

·       Opening of indoor playgrounds, houses in zoological gardens, escape rooms

·       Some states (f.ex. Mecklenburg Pomerania) are skipping the contact limits

·       Schools are supposed to go back to “normal” after the summer holidays

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry 

  • DER Touristik insures customers against Corona. This includes all newly booked flight packages with departure until 31 December. The tour operator offers customers a special hotline for immigration and health issues. Specially trained staff and experts from the Kneißler analysis laboratory, virologists and doctors are available to guests around the clock. (https://www.trvlcounter.de/corona-krise/der-touristik-sichert-kunden-gegen-corona-ab-0129045/)
  • Free Corona insurance by TUI. TUI now offers a new Covid-19 insurance cover in co-operation with AXA Partners. The “Co- vid Protect” is free of charge for all TUI guests travelling on holiday until the end of 2020, but also applies to guests who have already booked. A 24/7 emergency hotline and an app offer medical telecare during the holiday. The costs for a PCR test and medical treatment are covered, quarantine costs up to a fixed amount. Medical repatriation to Germany in an ambulance jet to a hospital near the place of residence is also possible, provided that there are no medical or other reasons to the contrary. “As a rule, this does not result in any additional costs in connection with Covid-19 that are not covered by regular travel health insurance,” says Marek Andryszak, CEO of TUI Deutschland. The new insurance is automatically included in bookings made by TUI, airtours Reisen, XTUI and Fly & Mix at no extra cost. (https://www.countervor9.de/produkte/tui-pauschalreisen-mit-kostenloser-corona-versicherung)
  • Service providers are also groaning under the corona burden: not only travel agencies and tour operators, but also other sectors of the industry are struggling with the corona crisis. This is the result of a survey by DRV amongst its associated partners. “The majority of associated members are still struggling with declines in sales of over 70 percent, and quite a few are complaining about a dramatic slump of up to 95 percent,” reports Vice President Susanne Schick. (https://www.trvlcounter.de/corona-krise/auch-dienstleister-aechzen-unter-der-coronalast-4329034/)
  • Travel agencies punish TUI in QTA survey: According to a survey on the accessibility of tour operators during the Corona crisis, three quarters of the travel agencies surveyed rated the performance of the market leader with the school grade “insufficient”. Among the sales professionals, Schauinsland Reisen came out best among the five largest tour operators. (https://www.reisevor9.de/inside/reisebueros-strafen-tui-in-qta-umfrage-ab)
  • Corona crisis as an opportunity for service and consulting fees: The value of the service and consulting services is increasingly better understood by consumers, according to the analysis of a “think tank” of the Travel Industry Club, moderated by management consultant Markus Heller. In addition, new compensation models had to be discussed. (https://www.reisevor9.de/inside/corona-krise-als-chance-fuer-service-und-beratungsgebuehren)

Current relevant topics within the aviation industry

Current surveys related to Tourism         

  • Tourism sales: How big is the Corona damage? (Forecasts of the federal competence centre for tourism: https://www.fvw.de/news/media/16/Recovery-Check-Juni-156866.pdf)
    • Booked tourism turnover in the international tourism sector, for example, is not expected to reach 70 percent of its usual level for two years.
      • Tourism in Germany:
        • expect tourism turnover to reach 58 percent of the turnover of the record year 2019, and next year turnover is expected to rise to 86 percent.
  • Appino Travel Report: detailed report https://www.tn-deutschland.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Appinio-Travelreport-2020.pdf)
    • How germans want to travel during summer holiday:
      • 79% of Germans see their own car as the best means of transport on holiday – and two out of three (66%) would like to go to the sea within Germany.
      • The most unpopular federal state for a holiday is Saarland (4%) – Bavaria (38%) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (36%) top the list of the most popular travel states.
    • Pre- and Post corona change
      • Before the pandemic, 67 % of German holidaymakers spent most of their nights in hotels – now only 50 % would want to stay in a hotel.
      • At the same time, 67 % of Germans attach importance to regular disinfection of all surfaces and almost one in three (27 %) would like to keep wellness facilities such as saunas closed.
      • The biggest boom is in holiday homes – before Corona, 42 % of people were in favour of this form of overnight accommodation, now 57 % would like to stay in a hotel.
      • Under the current circumstances, a large proportion of Germans are prepared to spend money on additional benefits. 61% would pay more money if they could cancel their trip for free. Almost half (48%) of 45+ year-olds would pay extra to have a German contact person in the country of travel – younger age groups show less interest in this.