UPDATE COVID-19, 5. Edition – 30.07. – 05.07.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 5. Edition – 30.07. – 05.07.2020

UPDATE COVID-19, 5. Edition – 30.07. – 05.07.2020 150 150 fame creative lab

Please note: the following information is a short compilation from the most important German-speaking Trade Media.

Short Overview – German-speaking Markets

The COVID-19 quarantine measures are being further untightened in all German states. All federal states are responsible for their own implementation. They have also released the strict regulations towards (however always observing the sanitary and distancing recommendations):

·       Opening of cinemas, theatres, opera houses

·       Permission of events (depending on state for up to 500 people) with social distancing rules

·       Permission of contact sports inside as well as outside

·       Opening of indoor playgrounds, houses in zoological gardens, escape rooms

·       Some states (f.ex. Mecklenburg Pomerania) are skipping the contact limits

·       Schools are supposed to go back to “normal” after the summer holidays however some states already introduced the compulsory use of masks

Current relevant topics within the tourism industry 

  • Eleven countries without EU entry ban (TIP Online)
    • The list of countries from which entry into the EU is not banned due to the corona pandemic has shrunk to eleven. The EU now only recommends lifting travel restrictions for Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.Serbia and Montenegro were removed from the list in the middle of the month, and recently Algeria was also removed.
  • UNWTO: 40% of global destinations have now eased travel restrictions (https://www.eturbonews.com)
    • The responsible restart of tourism is underway around the world as growing numbers of destinations ease COVID-19 related travel restrictions and adapt to the new reality. According to the latest analysis from the World Tourism Organization, 40% of all destinations worldwide have now eased the restrictions they placed on international tourism in response to COVID-19.
  • Hygiene demonstrations (FAZ)
    • The fact that the demonstration against the Corona policy has received so much support has to do with the professionalisation of the organisers, targeted advertising, an alliance with a bus operators’ association and the AfD “wing”.
  • AIDA postpones its cruise restart (TRVL Counter)
    • AIDA Cruises has cancelled the planned short cruises for the first half of August at short notice. The reason: A final formal approval for the start of the short cruises on August 5 by the Italian flag state is still pending, the company announced.
  • QTA supports travel agency partners (TRVL Counter)
    • The travel agency cooperation alliance QTA supports its travel agency partners during the crisis. In April and May, the cooperation had deferred and waived various costs for services provided by the alliance to travel agencies. In these days, the settlement of accounts takes place, with QTA waiving around 1.5 million euros for its partners.
  • EU waves state liability for travel vouchers (Reise vor 9)
    • The federal government’s guarantee for travel vouchers from tour operators in the event of cancellations due to the Corona pandemic has been approved by the EU Commission. It covers state aid in the amount of 840 million euros.
  • Regulation for holiday travel (TRVL Counter)
    • With a new special rebooking right, Dertour and its sister brands ITS, Jahn Reisen, Meiers Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen grant a free rebooking option up to 14 days before departure for all newly booked holiday trips between 1.8. and 30.9.2020 with departure date 01.10.2020 to 31.10.2021
  • FTI offers customers greater flexibility (TRVL Counter)
    • For customers who feel uncomfortable with their holiday wishes, FTI Touristik offers to postpone the planned holiday to a later date. This offer applies to all bookings in all destinations. The rebooking must be made by 31 October 2020, but no later than ten days before departure. The latest return date for the “new” holiday must be 31 October 2021.

Current surveys related to Tourism         

  • More bookings, study by Travel Data + Analytics (https://www.trvlcounter.de/aktuell/urlaubsbuchungen-ziehen-an-1329258/)
    • “This year, customers are booking at extremely short notice,” explains Norbert Fiebig, President of DRV, with reference to the current booking figures from Travel Data + Analytics (TDA). Even though bookings only account for a third of the previous year’s turnover at this point in time, it is clear that travel is also a topic in the Corona summer,” says Fiebig. “If we look only at the week from 20 to 26 July, 60 percent of new bookings with departure were still in July or August. As soon as the borders opened in mid-June, short-term bookings soared to up to 62 percent of the booking volume. Here we can clearly see how important it is to return to differentiated travel advice,” Fiebig explained to the Federal Foreign Office.